17 - Stylish Items For People Who Absolutely Hate The Cold .

 - We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors.

1. A brushed knit shacket which makes a wrinkled tee and black leggings look très cool, as the Parisian style bloggers would say. Layer this under your favorite peacoat for extra warmth because yes, it's beautiful, but no, it's not great for frigid temps.

2. Fleece-lined jeggings bound to make your heart go pitter-patter if you despise the cold but *also* hate the bulky feeling of layering leggings under denim. 

3. A ribbed turtleneck bodysuit This provides a lightweight layer of warmth plus tucks perfectly into your trusty high-waisted skinnies *and* under your favorite crewneck.

4. A hooded coat because the LBD is all but irrelevant when temps begin to drop. You know what steps up in its absence? A black puffer. And *this* one checks off all the boxes. It's even got thumbholes.

5. A high-waisted flared winter skirt for the tortured soul who *le gasp* actually prefers wearing skirts and dresses to sweats and jeans. This bottom is made from a slightly thicker material that will keep you warm, has a pattern and color combo that feels seasonally appropriate, and there are p-o-c-k-e-t-s.

6. A fuzzy plaid scarf ideal for swaddling your bod when it's freezing out. While excellent for the neck region, this cozy accessory is *also* large enough to function like a chic poncho.

7. A knit set complete with a cozy mock-neck sweater and pencil skirt that one can wear in tandem *or* you can mix and match both pieces with your other closet staples. Rest assured that you'll remain warm regardless of the final .

8. A duvet puffer crafted from a water-repellent, wind-resistant, 100% responsibly sourced goose down. This hunk of perfect outerwear will keep you nice and toasty in temps as low as -20°C/-4°F, best described as "I can't feel my face" weather.

9. Birkenstock Boston clogs that are heaven on earth and the proof is in the pudding, the pudding in this context = classic comfort paired with shearling lining that delivers on its promise of toasty toes.

10. A cropped turtleneck cleverly designed with thumbholes, a surefire way to prevent cold from seeping into your sleeves and spreading up your arms...rendering any cozy sweater useless.

11. A Sherpa-lined vegan leather coat serving Viktor Krum vibes in the best way possible. "Bulgarian quidditch team" is the only aesthetic that matters right now and I will die on this hill.

12. A batwing sweater complete with an asymmetrical hem you'll want to pair with leggings, combat boots, and a trendy .

13. Cozy slip-on booties equipped with a chunky heel and fuzzy inner lining for comfort, plus an adjustable shaft that basically means you'll be purchasing *two* pairs of adorable shoes for the price of one.


14Split-hem pants if you'd like to give your beloved faded baby blues a break this Saturday night. Replace 'em with these hunk of warm faux leather instead for a barrage of compliments that'll have you exclaiming .

15. A V-neck ribbed sweater with the word versatility written all over it in invisible ink. This wardrobe basic can be worn to anything, with anything — and it's great for the sightly chilly days of fall and full-blown freezing temps of winter.

16 . A ribbed knit tunic that screams winter aesthetics thanks to an oversized, ultra-comfortable style — one that can be worn as a minidress with thick tights and booties *or* a plain old sweater with leggings.

17. An open-front cardigan so...honestly, scratch that. It's not a cardigan. It's a blanket with pockets and sleeves. And it deserves our admiration and respect.

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